Construction Cost Certification for Ambitious Projects

Our experienced professionals will help you with your cost certification audits of HUD (Housing and Urban Development) projects, as well as with builder's cost certification and contractor cost certification audits.

Our team will focus on performing the audit accurately and timely while complying with generally accepted auditing standards.

We are your most trusted consultant in construction audits.

Our auditors' team have:

+40 Years of experience

Knowledge and trajectory.


Understanding of a variety of industries.


Personal advice on what to do.
architects-people meeting

Determine an asset or company relative to its industry

Reasons our clients need one:

  • Change in ownership as part of succession planning or retirement
  • Gifting shares of a business to children as part of a succession plan
  • Merger or sale to another entity
  • New shareholder or partner coming on board
  • Raising investment capital
  • Establishment or annual update of an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP)
  • Going through a divorce
  • Estate tax purposes

What is a cost certification?

Cost certification is the analytical process of determining the - current or projected - worth of an asset or a company relative to its industry.

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