Your global business
can run more efficiently

SAP Business One is designed for small and midsize companies, as well as subsidiaries of large enterprises.  It's a solution that lets you quickly and affordably coordinate operations with those at corporate offices for consistency and visibility, while maintaining the freedom you need to be agile and responsive to new market opportunities.

Expanding operations with SAP Business One offers an experience like no other

With our Intercompany Integration solution, you can minimize issues, reconcile and consolidate data, streamline activities, and have better visibility across business units.


Consolidate activities across all business units without the need of manual reconciliation

Multiple subsidiaries

Manage multiple subsidiaries, business units, legal entities and currencies

Standardize process

Apply and standardize financial processes across all your business entities


Leverage support across 150+ countries to enable business growth

Why choose SAP Business One to run your subsidiary operations?

Experience standardized business processes, and increased visibility into operations across business entities, along with improved control and collaboration.

Want to learn about how to integrate subsidiary operations?

SAP Business One can help you reconcile and consolidate financial data across your different business entities.

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