Family Services Office

Independence, integrity, and honesty are the foundation of H&CO. We place professional responsibility above personal gain and always act independently. You can be certain that our advisors will protect and professionally manage the wealth you have accumulated through years of hard work.

Income tax planning and compliance for corporations and family members

From our family to your family - assisting you and your posterity thru the following services:

Establishing the
family office

Select the right family office structure to suit your estate needs.


Planning and

Strategic planning and compliance to further protect your wealth


Entity management, compliance, and monitor family business activities

Let's make the most
of your wealth through
H&CO's expertise

Dedicated advisors with experience in single
family offices, multi-client family offices
and ultra high net-worth clients - ready
to pave the way to your family's legacy.

Interested in seeking guidance around family office establishment?

Make an appointment to share your ambitions and goals around the management of your family wealth.

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