Global Entity Incorporation

Starting a business in a foreign jurisdiction is never a simple matter. Obligations, procedures, deadlines, languages, and costs vary greatly from country to country and sometimes between cities and provinces.

We are the world’s leading expert in cross-border company formations

Our experienced team offers you:

Safe operations

Proficiency and know-how to help protect your operations



Guidance and best practices shared to ensure planning and productivity

Mindful approach

Approach your needs appropriate manner for the local jurisdiction
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International company incorporation

When international businesses need to tackle foreign company formation and create local companies beyond their home jurisdiction, they face a daunting diversity of languages, business cultures, legal responsibilities, and bureaucratic demands.

No matter where you need to trade or invest, we are your local incorporation experts, structuring new entities in strict compliance with local laws, regulations, and official timelines.

Our unique global delivery way, underpinned by our innovative digital platforms, means we can cover sectors as diverse as capital markets, private equity, real estate, construction, global taxes with experts on the ground providing local support.

Seeking a leading provider of administrative services?

At H&CO, we live the local culture and speak your language. Even in jurisdictions that still require in-person submission of handwritten paperwork, we make sure your every step is a confident one.

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