A Global Director to Manage Your Real Estate Investment

We understand how important it is for foreign investors to have a trusted advisor that can help manage their real estate investments in the United States. Our experienced, independent and knowledgeable Directors can handle any of your business, administrative, and banking needs that may arise.

Now your investments
are safer

We will guide you through the migration process from a new country to a global investment.


Earning trust, offering honest communication, and knowing exactly what to share are strategies for building a transparent real estate business.


We focus on the Florida jurisdiction, as well as provide international real estate consultancy and transaction management.

Attorney referrals

Access and referrals to an independent network of attorneys with expertise in operations, global investments, and migrating to a new country.



How may we help?

We can assist in the management of real estate investment transactions, closings, or other related activities from an administrative and tax perspective:

  • Representation of your company before the IRS.
  • Regular review of performance and financial reports.
  • Company compliance with the regulatory state and federal taxes, audits, and financial requirements.
  • Provide regulatory and industry updates
  • Statutory services as requested.

Do you need in-depth information?

Our directors understand your inquiries and are highly skilled to create partnerships that can mentor businesses through complex challenges.

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