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We provide some of the best time and attendance software available on the market. We adjust to your needs and offer you a unique solution to implement in your business and be able to see the activities of your employees in real-time. 

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Time Off

Control the amount of free time that your employees have in their working day.



Time the entrances and exits of the employees as well as the productivity time during the day 



Minimize overtime and better plan time in your favor. 
A payroll advisor creates time and attendance reports graphically

Time and Attendance System for Small Businesses

If you still have doubts, here are the most frequently asked questions that we receive based on this service so that you can make a decision. 

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Employee attendance directly impacts workplace productivity. It’s essential to communicate expectations around the start and stop times for employees, breaks, and others. Keep in mind that there may be further rules for exempt and non-exempt workers. Additionally, a reliable and accurate time and attendance tracking system can play a key role in these decisions. 

Having separate systems for payroll and time and attendance can lead to inefficiencies, higher costs and frustration. That is why it is beneficial to integrate these processes all at once. Information is updated automatically, which helps to reduce the workload from having to input changes multiple times in different systems. 

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