Build a strategy to keep challenges under control

The construction industry has complex regulations, unexpected challenges, and other issues that need to be managed by professionals with experience and extensive understanding across contract accounting, auditing, and the elements of a construction project.

H&CO is your most trusted
consultant for Construction Audits

Our team of auditors have:

40+ years of experience

Knowledge, wisdom and
a growth mindset

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Deep understanding across
a variety of industries



Personal advice on what
to do and how to improve
contruction site with trees

Construction audit services which aim to mitigate risks, reduce costs and help you meet your project goals:

  • Multi-State Licensing and Pre-Qualification
  • Surety and Banking Consultation
  • Contract Reporting
  • Consultation
  • Claims and Change Order Documentation
  • Continuity Planning
  • Internal Control Design
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Software Selection
  • Internal Job Cost System Setup
  • Job Cost Certifications
  • Equipment Costing and Allocation Methods
  • Forensic Accounting Litigation Support
  • Cash Flow Consultation

Free Consultation

H&CO is a proud member of various industry organizations such as:


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