International Tax Services

We offer comprehensive international tax services for businesses and individuals navigating the global market

Discover comprehensive international tax services at H&CO, tailored to your unique needs.

Whether you're a Foreign Tax Person earning income in the US or a US Tax Person with income abroad, navigating the intricate global tax landscape is vital. As an international US CPA firm, we stay updated on international tax regulations, ensuring your compliance and financial success.

Our international tax professionals help you take advantage of global opportunities while minimizing tax liabilities, guiding you through complex global tax laws with a personalized approach.


We offer comprehensive international tax services for businesses and individuals navigating the global market

Discover comprehensive international tax services at H&CO, tailored to your unique needs.

Whether you're a Foreign Tax Person earning income in the US or a US Tax Person with income abroad, navigating the intricate global tax landscape is vital.

As an international US CPA firm, we stay updated on international tax regulations, ensuring your compliance and financial success.

Our international tax professionals help you take advantage of global opportunities while minimizing tax liabilities, guiding you through complex global tax laws with a personalized approach.


We get international taxes, done right

"While some people might find it distasteful to pay taxes, I don't. I find it patriotic."

- Mark Cuban           

Tax Planning

Tax Professionals helping with intentional tax planning strategies

International Tax Planning involves strategizing cross-border investments and business expansions to minimize global tax liabilities while maximizing financial returns. Our experienced International Tax Advisors specialize in crafting tailored tax strategies for global investors and multinational enterprises to navigate complex global tax regulations effectively.


Tax Preparation

Top rated international CPA for small business tax preparation

Our global CPA firm specializes in international tax preparation, trusted by over 14,000 clients for income tax return services. Let us guide you through US tax returns and foreign information return preparation, ensuring compliance with pertinent local and global tax regulations.


Tax Representation

Top rated CPA advisor by Forbes for IRS Tax Audit Representation

If your tax return is selected to undergo a governmental tax audit, we can represent you during the audit, appeals, and collection proceedings. We will assist you in compiling requested documents, attend meetings on your behalf, and devise a global tax strategy to safeguard your interests throughout the audit process.


Why H&CO International Tax services?

H&CO stands as the foremost choice for global investors and international companies with a global tax footprint, delivering unparalleled international tax services. With over three decades of cross-border tax expertise, we are a leading US CPA firm specializing in international taxation. Trust from over 14,000 returning clients underscores our commitment to excellence in tax compliance.

Who are our International Tax Services for?

Our suite of international tax services caters to global families, international investors, and multinational enterprises seeking to capitalize on global trade opportunities. Currently, we extend our global tax expertise to:

• Foreign individuals engaged in investment activities within the United States.

• Foreign companies with business operations in the United States.

• U.S. individuals involved in investment activities abroad.

• U.S. companies with business operations outside the U.S.


Globe with hands shaking representing cross-border tax services

For international clients who want peace of mind, H&CO provides superior international tax services through experienced, knowledgeable, and bilingual advisors.


Trusted Advisors

Our trusted international tax advisors listen carefully to our clients, find proactive global tax solutions, and always put the client's needs ahead of their own.



Bilingual Advisors

Our global network of bilingual international tax advisors from more than 30 countries speak your language and they are ready to work with you.



Peace of Mind

We help manage your tax compliance needs, giving you peace of mind that you are meeting your international tax compliance requirements.


We’re the complete International Tax service solution

Our international tax services                                                                            

  1. International Tax Services

  2. International Tax Planning

  3. International Tax Compliance

  4. International Tax Preparation

  5. International Tax Entity Structuring

  6. U.S. Inbound Tax Planning and Compliance

  7. U.S. Outbound Tax Planning and Compliance

  8. U.S. International Tax Treaty Services

  9. Expat Tax Planning and Compliance

  10. International IRS Audit Representation

International Tax Professionals and Global Tax Experts - H&CO is an International Tax Leader

International Tax Solutions for Global Investors
and International Companies

International Tax Services

Unlock unparalleled international tax solutions tailored to global individuals, families, and multinational companies with our comprehensive suite of global tax services. Whether you're an expatriate seeking guidance on foreign income taxation or a multinational corporation navigating complex cross-border transactions, our expert team is here to optimize your tax strategy. Benefit from our decades of tax experience and ensure compliance with global tax regulations while minimizing your tax liability. Trust in us to streamline your international tax journey and secure your financial future.

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H&CO Tax Advisors providing five star International Tax Services Tailored to Your Needs

International Tax Planning

We help you plan your international investments and global business expansions in a way that minimizes your worldwide tax liability and maximizes your return on investment. Our global Tax Advisors have years of global tax experience helping global investors and multinational companies achieve maximum tax efficiency. Our international tax planning minimizes taxation impacts on cross-border operations, aiming to enhance investment returns while maintaining your competitive edge. Trust us to craft and implement effective tax strategies, securing your financial success in the international arena while complying with transfer pricing and other international tax rules.

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Chess game representing Tax Advisors optimizing Foreign Tax Credits with Cross-Border Tax Planning Expertise

International Tax Compliance

With our specialized global tax compliance services, you can navigate the complexities of global tax laws with ease. Our dedicated tax team assists individuals and multinational corporations in ensuring compliance with global tax regulations. Our international tax team ensures compliance with global tax reform across multiple jurisdictions while considering tax aspects relevant to global trade. We help you navigate the complexities of international taxation with confidence and peace of mind. International tax compliance services encompass a range of offerings aimed at assisting individuals and businesses in fulfilling their global tax obligations.

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Global tax rules and regulations - H&CO staying informed on global tax law changes to ensure your international tax compliance

International Tax Preparation

In an era of globalization, navigating cross-border transactions and investments entails intricate international tax obligations. International tax preparation services are indispensable in guiding entities and individuals through these complexities, ensuring adherence to diverse tax laws and regulations. Explore how these services provide invaluable support in managing international tax complexities, safeguarding against risks, and optimizing financial strategies for cross-border endeavors. As the premier international tax preparation CPA firm in the US, we have earned the trust of over 14,000 clients for the complete preparation of federal and state income tax returns. You can trust your tax preparation needs to us.

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An international tax advisor preparing international tax returns

International Tax Entity Structuring

Optimize your global business expansion with our Global Tax Entity Structuring services, designed to help you select the most tax-efficient structure for your global operations and investments. Our international tax expert team considers your business goals and objectives, financial status, and jurisdictional risks to recommend the ideal solution. Given the ever-changing landscape of cross-border tax laws, choosing the right structure is paramount for minimizing your taxes. With our continuous analysis and up-to-date knowledge of international tax laws, we provide tailored solutions to ensure your tax efficiency and compliance across jurisdictions. We can help you with legal entity rationalization.

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Image representing the complexity of  International Tax Entity Structuring Services

U.S. Inbound Tax Planning and Compliance

For inbound transactions involving foreign individuals or businesses investing or operating in the United States, careful tax planning is essential to mitigate potential global tax implications. Our services focus on minimizing tax liabilities and ensuring compliance with global tax laws, transfer pricing and regulations. Whether you're an individual or company with activities in the US, we offer tailored solutions to optimize your tax outcomes and navigate complex tax obligations. From leveraging tax treaties to strategic investment structuring and managing transfer pricing, we help you minimize your tax liability while meeting regulatory requirements across jurisdictions.

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US Flag and US Capitol Building representing foreign investors and multinational companies navigate the US tax laws

U.S. Outbound Tax Planning and Compliance

For outbound transactions involving US taxpayers investing or conducting business abroad, meticulous international tax planning is crucial to minimize global tax implications. Whether you're an individual or company with income generated outside the US, we offer tailored solutions to mitigate your worldwide tax liability and ensure compliance with foreign tax laws, transfer pricing and international regulations. Outbound tax compliance encompasses declaring all foreign income and losses on federal and state tax returns as well as reporting foreign assets. With decades of experience, H&CO provides invaluable guidance to navigate complex outbound tax compliance issues.

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Arrows representing US outbound tax planning and compliance overseen by our international tax professionals

International Tax Treaty Services

Unlock the benefits of US tax treaties with our International Tax Treaty Services.  Cross border tax treaties offer opportunities to minimize your global tax liability by reducing tax rates or providing exemptions on certain income sourced from other countries. Our experts understand the complexities of tax treaties and can help you navigate their impact on your international activities. By staying updated on tax treaty developments and offering tailored guidance, we empower you to mitigate double taxation and optimize your global tax effectiveness. By understanding the impact of tax treaties, you can mitigate double taxation on worldwide income and minimize your global tax effective rate.

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Global flags symbolizing international tax treaties - Cross-Border Tax Treaty Expertise for multinational companies and global investors

Expat Tax Planning and Compliance

If you're a US person residing abroad, we'll assist you in minimizing your tax liabilities and ensuring adherence to US tax laws and regulations. Whether you're living in the United States or working abroad, you're subject to tax on worldwide income and must file your tax return annually if your income surpasses the filing threshold. Benefit from special tax advantages for Americans living abroad, such as the foreign earned income exclusion and foreign tax credits, by filing a U.S. return. Dive into our guide to Expat Tax Planning & Compliance, designed to equip you with essential strategies to minimize your worldwide taxes.

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Our international tax team's has deep expertise in navigating international tax rules and regulations for American Expats.

International IRS Audit Representation

Facing an international IRS tax audit can be intimidating due to the complex international tax regulations. If you've received an audit notice, professional representation becomes crucial. Our experts possess in-depth knowledge of cross-border tax legislation, guiding you through the audit process and advocating for your interests. From compiling requested documents to attending meetings with tax authorities on your behalf, we develop a strategic tax defense to protect your tax position throughout. Trust in our top-rated tax professionals to navigate the complexities and alleviate the stress of a global tax audit, ensuring compliance and protecting your rights.

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International IRS audit representation - International Tax Team to represent you before tax authorities

No matter where you are in the world,
we have you covered


H&CO International CPAs are ready to assist you with all your international needs. With offices near you in Miami, Coral Gables, Aventura, and Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa and Melbourne, we are ready to support you for a successful engagement on this side of the world!




What is the difference between US corporations and foreign corporations?

The primary difference between the US taxation of domestic corporations and foreign corporations is that domestic corporations are subject to US tax on their worldwide income. In contrast, foreign corporations are only subject to US tax on their US-source income. This means that foreign corporations may be able to reduce their overall tax liability by structuring their affairs so that they have more foreign-source income than US-source income. It is important to point out that US corporations file form 1120, US Corporation Income Tax Return while foreign corporations file Form 1120-F, U.S. Income Tax Return of a Foreign Corporation.

What is Form 1120-F?

Form 1120-F is the form used by foreign corporations to file their US income tax returns. Foreign corporations use Form 1120-F to report their US income, gains, losses, deductions, credits, and to figure out their U.S. income tax liability. Yes, a foreign corporation that is engaged in a US trade or business at any time during the year must file a US tax return. Foreign corporations are required to pay taxes on US source income and effectively connected income on their US trade. By filing their US income tax return, foreign corporations ensure their compliance with US tax laws, avoiding any tax penalties on international trade.

What is the difference between a resident individual and a nonresident individual for tax purposes?

A resident alien for tax purposes is an individual who is a citizen of the United States or who is a legal permanent resident of the United States. A nonresident alien for tax purposes is an individual who is not a legal permanent resident of the United States and who meets neither the green card test nor the substance present test.  Resident individuals are taxed on their worldwide income while nonresident individuals are only taxed on their income from sources within the United States. Resident individuals file Form 1040 US income tax return, while nonresident individuals file Form 1040-NR.

What is Form 1040-NR?

Form 1040-NR is the nonresident alien income tax return used by foreign individuals who earn income in the United States or who engage in business in the U.S. but who do not meet the criteria to be considered a resident alien for tax purposes. Form 1040-NR is the nonresident alien income tax return required to file with the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS estimates that taxpayers spend an average of eight hours filling out this form. While instructions for this form are relatively simple, there are more than 30 pages of instructions that apply specifically to international individuals and there are various cross border tax laws that apply specifically to foreign individuals. For this reason, many foreign individuals seek professional guidance, so they can minimize their income tax liability while being in compliance with cross border tax laws.

What is the Foreign Tax Credit?

The foreign tax credit (FTC) is a tax credit offered by the IRs to American taxpayers who pay income taxes to a foreign country on foreign-sourced income. The purpose of the foreign tax credit is to mitigate the double taxation that can occur when income is taxed by both the foreign country and the United States. Taxpayers can use the FTC to offset their U.S. tax liability dollar for dollar, up to the amount of foreign taxes paid on the same income.


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