Get your business in order with our accounting for subsidiaries service

Expanding your business to a new country can sometimes be complicated and frustrating - from adhering to the many rules and regulations that govern your specific industry, to selecting personnel.

At H&CO we provide a turn-key solution providing you with all the tools and requirements necessary to successfully establish a business in the United States.

Aligning with a trusted partner is key to expansion

H&CO experts consult across a myriad of subsidiary needs while providing all-inclusive services including:


One of your most important decisions --- Our experts will help you select an entity best suited for your business while optimizing tax structure and minimizing
tax burden


Upon the formation of your new corporation, we'll help to open a business bank account; and even serve as a signatory when you're out of the United States

Licenses and permits

Our team will help with business licenses and permits to ensure compliance with tax requirements and
safety mandates


To lower operation costs, we provide you with a professional and fully-equipped 'shared' office space complete with a variety of amenities

Another premium offering: Director Services...

A corporate Director’s role is to manage the company in the best interests of its shareholders. Directors generally delegate authority and responsibility for daily operations to the CEO and senior management, while taking on oversight and advisory role.

We can fill those shoes and serve as a Director for your company to facilitate operations in the United States.  You can be confident that we will perform your Director's duties according to the highest standards of conduct.


Eager to move your business forward, but don't have all the tools to make it so?

Our aim is to provide you with as many alternatives
as possible, at the best price in the market.

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