Candidate Services

Finding the right career opportunity can be a daunting process. You want to make sure you get a fair offer and are a good fit for the company. At H&CO Staffing Advisors, we can help you find that opportunity that meets your requirements and career goals.

As your career advisors, our goal is to find a position that aligns with your aspirations and objectives. We not only match you with employers, but take the time to assess your skills, review your resume, and prepare you for the interview process.

The experience and advice of H&CO can lead you to your future

H&CO offers a variety of services to better position yourself for the best possible opportunity...


Our thoughtful experts have the vocation to teach and guide you through the job search.



Encouragement, inspiration, and confidence will provide a positive level of motivation


We measure and value how well candidates feel throughout the entire recruiting and hiring process


Partnering with H&CO is the
best way to put your talents
and knowledge to work

We look for exceptional individuals with a variety of academic backgrounds from colleges and universities throughout Miami.

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