How does SAP Business One empower companies in different industries?

The industrial solutions provided by SAP Business One to any type of business allow high scalability and profitability over time, allowing medium-sized companies to grow and remain productive in their processes.

Years implementing
SAP Business One in all industries

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Increase revenue, reduce costs, and optimize assets by supporting your production and manufacturing priorities

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Plan, source, store, sell, retrieve and analyze, all on a unified IT platform

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Forecast your sales and control your inventory

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Answer back just-in-time to the assemblers

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Manage productivity and costs per batch

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Control 100% batches and expiration dates

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Proven expertise in 25 industries

  • 208 of the world's top 250 retailers manage with SAP solutions
  • 8/8 of the world's most innovative automotive companies manage with SAP solutions 
  • 46 of the 50 safest banks in the world manage with SAP solutions 
  • 97 of the top 100 universities in the world manage with SAP solutions 
  • 7/10 of the best hospitals in the world manage with SAP solutions 
  • 41,000+ consumer products companies from 134 countries are innovating with SAP solutions

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