Chemistry Industry

We help chemical companies move forward
towards a zero carbon economy

Producing without causing environmental damage is something of
the utmost importance for the future. SAP helps chemical companies
move toward a low-carbon economy for the purpose of meeting
the requirements of their value chains and public policies.

A world without carbon 

Make sustainability profitable through products,
innovative services, and business models.


Planning and sourcing 

Central purchases 
Management of strategic information and demand 
Buy and deliver goods direct
Manufacturing planning and operations
Shopping analytics
Response and supply management
Sales planning, inventory and operations
Sourcing and contracting 
Collaboration with business partners
Supplier and risk management 

Integrated Operations Management 

Asset operations and maintenance 
Environment, health and safety 
Purchase and delivery services 
Strategic information of the industry 
Asset performance management 
Invoice and payment 
Manufacturing execution 
Manufacturing networks 
quimica-hco-muestras laboratorio

Delivery and Service 

Omnichannel Customer Service 
Order promises 
Product compliance 
Track, trace and logistics networks 
Transportation management 
Warehouse management 
Farm logistics 
Customer Experience Management 



increased revenue from new products from accelerated innovation with an extended ecosystem



chemical companies operate with SAP software globally.



less cost in overtime through greater compliance with the production plan.

Make early decisions through data in time real with
SAP Business One for the chemical industry

Control of production costs for each stage of the process.

Traceability of batches and products from sowing or greenhouse to sale.

Know the profit margin obtained from the sale of each item.

Greenhouse productivity management.

Management and handling of outsourced products for germination.

Product quality control.

Control and management of packaging.

Identify the best seed supplier according to price and germination percentage.

Identify the location of the product and batches.

Creation of associated BOMs by thread.

Batch management in all production and sales operations.

Batch item management.

Comparison of planned production vs. actual production.

Management of inventory inputs and outputs.

Product approval or rejection using previously defined standards.

Diversification of packaging through groups of units of measure.

Comparison of efficiency by supplier.

Warehouse management.


  Control de costos de producción por cada etapa del proceso. 
  Trazabilidad de lotes y productos desde la siembra o invernadero hasta la venta. 
  Conocer el margen de utilidad obtenido por la venta de cada artículo. 
  Gestión de productividad por invernadero. 
  Gestión y manejo de productos tercerizados para germinación. 
  Control de calidad del producto. 
  Control y manejo de empaquetado. 
  Identificar el mejor proveedor de semillas de acuerdo al precio y porcentaje de germinación. 
  Identificar la ubicación del producto y lotes. 
  Creación de listas de materiales asociadas por subproceso. 
  Manejo de lotes en todas las operaciones productivas y de compraventa. 
  Gestión de artículos por lotes. 
  Comparativo de Producción planificada vs. Producción real. 
  Gestión de entradas y salidas de inventario. 
  Aprobación o rechazo de producto mediante estándares previamente definidos. 
  Diversificación de empaquetado a través de grupos de unidades de medida. 
  Comparativo de eficiencia por proveedor. 
  Gestión de almacenes. 


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Help your chemical company transform and compete in the new experience economy. SAP S/4HANA Cloud can provide a framework for adopting chemical industry best practices.

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