SAP Business One Partner

Why are we the best SAP Business One partner?

We have been helping companies in Costa Rica to optimize their processes with SAP Business One since 2003. Currently, we are a Gold Partner of SAP, appearing as one of the most important business management software companies worldwide.

Why H&CO?

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30 years of experience implementing more than 1500 successful projects from different lines of business, in more than +15 countries, we also have with several recognitions that support us.

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Vision towards the client
We understand the needs of our clients, we accompany them in their growth and expansion through constant training.
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We know the implementation processes and legislation in different countries.

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Multidisciplinary team of experts

+500 collaborators including certified consultants, industry specialists and professionals in different areas with years of experience, who allows us to analyze our clients' scenarios from different perspectives.

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Industry knowledge

We provide specialized solutions by industry; manufacturing, automotive, agribusiness, commerce, services, among others, with the most innovative technology on the market.

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Efficacy and effectiveness

We guarantee agile processes that adjust to the schedule defined with our clients. We focus on solving your business needs.

We have achieved more than 300
successful implementations

Some of our clients are:

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