SAP Business One Value Proposition

SAP Business One
is the software you need,
the way you need it

SAP Business One is a single integrated solution designed specifically for small and midsize companies that provides clear visibility into your entire business and complete control over every aspect of your operations.

Key benefits of using SAP Business One

With a single application you can manage your entire business - from accounting,
purchasing, inventory, sale and customer relationships, to project management,
operations and human resources.

Flexibility for your growing business

Customizable solutions to meet your evolving expansion needs

Faster ROI with rapid deployment

Easy to implement - running in a matter of days or weeks

Transparent and affordable

Simple subscription fee covers the software, service and support with full functionality

World-class safety and security

Hosted on AWS, the most flexible and secure cloud environment today

Reduced cost of ownership

No need to maintain or support software or manage the underlying infrastructure

Powerful analytic and reporting

Timely and accurate reports from multiple data sources

value market-computer

H&CO is your Partner SAP Business One

Our SAP consultants provide you with personalized follow-up by email or phone and are at every step to assist you in using the system.

Your employees can start using the application from day one, and as your business grows, you can customize and extend SAP Business One to meet your changing needs.

SAP Business One...
a solid foundation for growth

See why 250,000+ small and midsize companies depend on SAP Business One solutions...

Get started with
SAP Business One today


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