SAP Business One Multi Countries

Ease in managing and sharing across multiple sites

With personalization now supporting the Multi-Country Site Support functionality, you can view the personalized content as seen by the viewers of local and parent catalogs.

How does Multi-Country Site Support work?

Multi-Country Site Support provides native support for managing sites that consist of multiple content catalogs that use content inheritance.



Each child content catalog inherits content from a parent content catalog

You can define multiple levels of content catalogs

The regional content catalogs could then use the pages and components as they are

Local content catalogs such as country content catalog

The sample data includes already cloned pages for Electronics EU and Electronics UK

You can define separate configurations for each of the page

The fastest way to keep your business up to date

Previewing and Editing Single Customizations: With the feature of filters, you can include parent catalogs on your list and preview the customizations available for them.

Working with Combined View: You can use the this featured view to preview the page for target groups coming from both the current and  parent catalogs.

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Does managing your multiple sites take up your valuable time?

You can easily personalize the content by reusing components from the parent content catalogs in a local content catalog.

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