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Jose Gomez interviewed by Tomas Regalado on MegaTV in Miami


Our partner Jose Gomez was a guest on the "HOY con Tomás Regalado" program on the MegaTV channel in Miami, which aired last Sunday at 8 PM.

José spoke about the changes that we will be facing this year on income tax returns in the United States and about the lack of response that the IRS showed due to the high demand of inquiries from taxpayers.

"In the delay that they (the IRS) have had, and that they know it was their fault, they are not going to fine you, nor put interest on it. Now, if the error had been yours by sending the return late, the IRS will charge you a penalty and interest", explained Jose Gomez, Partner of the Global Taxes division.

Thanks to Tomas Regalado and all his team for having us!

More information in the video interview!

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