We Help You with Global Document Retrieval

Document retrieval is of great value to you and your team.  As a process of due diligence, document retrieval can be beneficial if your business is expanding, in the middle of a merger/acquisition, undergoing an audit, or working towards internal and external (such as banks) compliance reporting.

Remaining compliant is a status that all our clients aim to maintain. Failing to comply with governmental authorities, banks, trade organizations, and many others can result in fines, difficulties in operating your business, complications in securing capital financing, tax liens, and even loss of company name.


How can document retrieval benefit your business?

In many jurisdictions, a major corporate event – a merger or acquisition, a new business relationship, changes to funding arrangements – will trigger a formal due diligence process. The company must confirm its eligibility to conduct business locally by submitting certain official documents such as:

  • Certificate of Good Standing (or its equivalent)
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association (or its equivalent).
  • Certification of Incorporation (or its equivalent).
  • Local corporate documents
  • Authentication/legalization/apostille.

Ask yourself how can we reduce compliance risk?

With our document retrieval service, we help you stay in compliance, monitor your entities, and manage all your corporate documents at any time and from anywhere.

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