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What is the SAP Business One Cloud?

It refers to the servers that are accessed through the Internet and the applications and databases that run on them. The cloud provides an easier way to store information more securely. For this reason, SAP offers its powerful solution Business One in a Cloud version so that companies can benefit from this technology. If you're not in the cloud, your business is falling behind.

Así es como se
ve una implementación
SAP Business One

Para nosotros un proyecto termina cuando nos aseguramos de que SAP Business One ha impulsado el crecimiento exponencial y rentable de su negocio.

Identificamos sus necesidades a partir del diagnóstico y estudio de la información proporcionada
Configuramos SAP Business One de manera personalizada en base a sus procesos
Migramos su información actual al ERP para que pueda empezar a operar 
Capacitamos a su personal para que pueda operar el sistema de manera efectiva

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Advantages of using SAP Business One in the Cloud


Reduces data management, since it has no other cost than the rental of the service.



Allows you to start implementing and using SAP Business One immediately.


Access the software from anywhere, anytime, and from any device.


Cloud-based data can scale based on your business need.


It offers the best security of your encrypted data in real time against ransomware, viruses and any other threats.



Its design guarantees high-performance computing, improving the user experience.


Helps keep critical business operations flowing smoothly with 99.5% uptime.


It protects your company's information and guarantees the continuity of operations in the event of unforeseen events.


Conozca los beneficios
de SAP Business One

Administración y Gestión
Administración y Gestión
Proporciona una visión clara de todo su negocio, lo que le permite obtener un control completo
Contabilidad y Finanzas
Contabilidad y Finanzas

Automatiza las tareas contables diarias y lleva a cabo todas sus operaciones bancarias

Compras y Operaciones
Compras y Operaciones
Gestiona el ciclo completo desde el pedido de compra hasta el pago, incluidos recibos, facturas, devoluciones, entre otros
Servicio de Ventas
Servicio de Ventas
Gestiona todo el proceso de ventas y el ciclo de vida del cliente, desde el contacto inicial hasta la venta final, pasando por el servicio y soporte posventa
Producción y MRP
Producción y MRP
Proporciona información precisa sobre los envíos entrantes y salientes, el inventario y la ubicación de los bienes
Gestión de Proyectos y Recursos
Gestión de Proyectos y Recursos
SAP Crystal Reports le permite elegir entre una variedad de formatos de informes y controlar el acceso a la información que se muestra
Inventario y Distribución
Inventario y Distribución

Ahorro de tiempo, disminución de la posibilidad de errores manuales en el conteo y manejo de mercancías, facilita la clasificación de los productos similares y sobre todo es una guía para tomar decisiones

Personalización de la Solución
Personalización de la Solución
Permite crear paneles e informes personalizados que brindan información sobre todas sus áreas comerciales

Who uses SAP Business One in the Cloud?

SAP in the cloud has become popular in all sectors such as banking, government, health, manufacturing, wholesale companies, retail, automotive, agribusiness, chemical and others. Remote work became the new normal and the cloud became the technology needed to survive. The companies of the future use it to be able to maintain their competitive advantages.


How much does SAP Business One in the cloud cost?

With SAP Business One Cloud you do not need to have a server in your company, so no investment is required. In most cases, the cost is per user and is much cheaper than running SAP Business One on a server in your office. There are many factors that can affect the cost of the cloud. We recommend contacting one of our experts to guide you through the entire process.


Available SAP Business One Cloud licenses


Available for up to 5 users with essential features for your business. 

  • Purchases 
  • Sales 
  • CRM 
  • Inventories 


With access to all SAP Business One Cloud modules and that you can supplement with limited licenses for other users in your company who do not need to access the entire platform .

The best customer support service in India

At H&CO we guarantee that you use SAP Business One 100%: 

  • The training and updating of your staff in this ERP system is part of our service. We provide 11 free workshops per year for our clients. 
  • Your investment is secured with our Total Leverage Assessment. 
  • Your policy includes expert support for all your operational questions. 

Hiring process
with H&CO

1. Define the type and number of users 
2. Complete the pre-registration form 
3. Contract the licenses and receive your access 
4. Take the induction given by H&CO 
5. Start operations 



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