Why Colombia?

+49 million people
Growth Projection by 2021:
Main Characteristics:

Colombia is among the leading Latin American countries with the most ease of doing business according to the Doing Business World Ranking.

It is one of the top-ranked economies in the Latin American and Caribbean region.

It has a government committed to the provision of investment incentives and stability for investors.

The country has an accounting system that provides transparency to businesses.

It holds one of the top positions in terms of trade agreements in Latin America.

It has signed important trade and double taxation agreements with the European Union and the Pacific Alliance, among others.

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Growing Industries and Market Opportunities


Limits for Foreign Shareholders

  • Companies in Colombia have no nationality restrictions or shareholders' residency requirements for incorporation.
  • Foreign investment in the finance, hydrocarbon, and mining sectors is subject to special regimes.
  • The international exchange system for capital inflows by foreign investors is regulated in detail.

Main Tax Rates in Country

Corporate Taxes

33% - Income Tax Rate

4% - Surtax


Dividends paid to natural persons residing in the country are subject to income tax.

Employment Taxes
Health Insurance: 8.5% (employer) / 4% (employee)
Retirement Fund: 12% (employer) / 4% (employee)
Workers Insurance: 0.52% (employer)
Other Contributions: 9% (employer)

19%: Federal Average Rate

5%: For some goods and services

Remittance of profits

If remittances of profits have already been taxed at the corporate level, only a special rate of 5% applies. Otherwise, a 35% withholding tax is applied, plus the special rate of 5%.

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