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Expanding your business to a new country can sometimes be complicated and frustrating; from adhering to the many rules and regulations that govern your specific industry, to selecting your personnel. At H&CO we provide a turn-key solution that provides you with all the tools and requirements needed to successfully establish a business in the United States.

Our all-inclusive services include:

In establishing a foreign business presence in the United States, selecting the appropriate form of entity is one of the most important decisions. The optimal tax structure for a particular business venture depends on a number of  tax considerations. We will help you select the type of entity that best suits your business from a tax perspective to minimize your tax burden in the future.

The corporate director’s role is to manage the company in the best interests of the shareholders. Directors generally delegate authority and responsibility for daily operations to the CEO and senior management, while taking on an oversight and advisory role. We can be a director of your company to facilitate your operations in the U.S. You can be confident that we will perform our director duties according to the highest standards of conduct.
After you have established your new corporation, we will help you open a business bank account. For our international clients, we have established strong banking relationships with banks that will provide new accounts without going through the myriad delays and challenges encountered by many multinationals. At your request, we can also become a signatory on the bank account; this service is requested by many multinationals in order to facilitate certain transactions when the company owners or directors are not in the U.S.
To facilitate your operations in the U.S. with low operating costs, we provide you with a variety of professionally managed providers of Shared Office Space, “Virtual” Office Space, Meeting Rooms and Business/Administrative Services. You will be able to have a fully furnished and professionally decorated office equipped with all the required amenities, including state-of-the-art telephone systems, high-speed internet access, video conferencing, secretarial and administrative services, conference rooms, meeting rooms and even in-house cafes for clients and staff. Our aim is to provide you with as many alternatives as possible, at the best price in the market.
In most states, businesses need licenses and/or permits to operate and comply with government mandates for safety, soundness and tax. There are many federal, state, local and even regional requirements that may apply to your business, and failure to comply with license and permit requirements can lead to pricey penalties or leave you with no legal protection. These requirements vary by industry and also depend on how business is transacted and where the business is located. We will apply for and maintain your licenses in good standing with regulatory agencies and perform a comprehensive overview of state and local licenses, permits and tax registrations relevant to your specific business.

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