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Managing Subsidiaries with SAP Business One

As a subsidiary, it is important to choose an ERP solution that allows you to remain flexible while still meeting the demands of your parent company. To minimize complexity, maintain best practices, and optimize total cost of ownership (TCO), SAP Business One can provide you with an agile business management system that allows you to meet the goals that your parent company sets. You can quickly and affordably integrate operations with those at corporate offices for consistency and visibility while maintaining the freedom you need to be agile and responsive to new market opportunities.

Operational Efficiency

Running SAP Business One as part of your business strategy will help you meet your corporate needs for standardization and control, and enable autonomy and responsiveness at the entity level. You will:

  • Optimize day-to-day operational processes
  • Improve productivity by simplifying operations and achieving business process standardization between headquarters and subsidiaries
  • Accelerate profitable growth while managing a global business
  • Develop transparency and compliance with harmonization and improvement of data quality
  • Have real-time visibility of all your operating units

Fast Time to Value

SAP Business One will help you cost-effectively support your growth strategy in new markets by extending the benefits of corporate ERP to subsidiaries, optimizing time and cost to deploy as well as minimizing cost to maintain. With SAP Business One you will:

  • Support growth strategy in new markets
  • Minimize training costs to deploy and maintain
  • Maximize ROI and leverage existing IT investment

Support for the Digital Economy

Customers are changing the way they buy, search, network, and do business in a multi-channel environment, and your subsidiaries are key to meeting the needs of your customers with the lowest cost and a fully integrated solution. With SAP Business One you will:

  • Leverage data from a subsidiary network to improve insight and drive strategy execution
  • Maintain continuity over time for master data
  • Implement predictive scenarios across customers, manufacturing, and logistics
  • Consolidate information to produce reports that provide statistical data for decision making and further analysis

In a digital economy, companies are driving a new, more connected way to do business and they need to meet the diverse needs of their overall organization. Headquarters require consistency, the efficiency of business processes, and compliance; and subsidiaries need to minimize complexity and optimize total cost of ownership (TCO) while ensuring agility, fast time to value, manageable, and seamless integration with tier-one systems.

SAP Business One offers a reasonable solution that meets essential software needs and integrates in no time with other applications across the extended enterprise. If you are considering managing your subsidiaries with SAP Business One, contact us for a consultation.

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