Why Mexico

National Population:
+125 million people
Growth Projection by 2020:
Main Characteristics:

Mexico is one of the leading Latin American countries with the most ease of doing business according to the World Bank's Doing Business World Rankings.

It is one of the leading economies in Latin America and worldwide.

It has a legal framework that promotes infrastructure development through public-private participation mechanisms.

It has a network of numerous Agreements for the Promotion and Reciprocal Protection of Investments.

It has a privileged geographical location, which places the country in North America but makes it part of Latin America through language, historical roots, and culture.

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Growing Industries and Market Opportunities

Metallurgical Industry
Chemical Industry
Healthcare industry
Automotive Industry

Limits for Foreign Shareholders

  • Companies in Mexico have no nationality restrictions or shareholders'/directors' residency requirements to incorporate them.

Main Tax Rates in Country

Corporate Taxes



10% withholding for dividends paid to non-residents. Unless a reduction is applied by a tax treaty.

Employment Taxes
Social Security: 9.65% (employer) / 2.38% (employee)
Infonavit: 5% (employer)
Payroll Tax: 2% (employer)


Remittance of profits

Permanent establishments that distribute dividends or earnings to their headquarters are subject to an additional 10% withholding on such distributions.

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