Why Guatemala?

+16.5 million people
Growth Projection by 2027:
Main Characteristcs:

Guatemala has one of the largest economies in Central America.

It has an excellent geographical location due to its proximity to Mexico and the rest of Central America, and its access to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

It has one of the most modern infrastructures at the regional level, and main ports both in the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans.

Guatemala is the first country in Central America and the second in Latin America to be certified by the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative for its governance and accountability of its oil, gas and mineral resources

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Growing Industries and Market Opportunities

Automotive Parts and Accessories
Forestry and Machines for Carpentry
Protection and Safety Equipment

Limits for Foreign Shareholders

  • Companies in Guatemala have no nationality restrictions or shareholders' residency requirements for incorporation.

Main Tax Rates in Country

Corporate Taxes

25% - General Tax Regime (based on net earnings).

5% - 7% - Optional Regime (based on gross income).


5% withholding for dividends paid to non-residents.

Employment Taxes
Social Security: 12.67% (employer) / 4.83% (employee)
Incentive Bonus: 100% of the regular monthly salary (employer)
Bonus: 100% of the regular monthly salary (employer)


Remittance of profits

Remittances from a foreign branch to its head office are subject to the same tax regime as dividends - currently 5%.

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