Why Peru?

National population:
+32 million inhabitants
Growth Projection by 2023:
Main Characteristics:

Peru has one of the most dynamic economies in Latin America and is an excellent destination for foreign investment for its legal stability and macroeconomic strength.

It is an emerging market in sustained and uninterrupted development, has investment opportunities in almost all economic sectors, and unrestricted access to most of them.

Peru is a key investment hub, based on its central location in the Pacific of South America which provides a platform for access to major markets in the Asia-Pacific region including the United States, Canada, China, Japan, Korea, among others.

It has free disposal of currencies and exchange rates.

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Growing Industries and Market Opportunities


Limits for Foreign Shareholders

  • Foreign companies in Peru have no nationality restrictions or directors '/shareholders' residency requirements to incorporate them.

Main Tax Rates in Country

Corporate Taxes

29.5% (annual)

1.5% (advances for the annual tax)



Employment Taxes
Social Security: 9%
Pension: 13% (National System) / 12.89% (Private System)
Life Insurance: Depending on the type of policy
Supplemental Risk Work Insurance: Depending on the type of policy


There is a special regime for early recovery of VAT, for local imports and/or acquisitions of new capital goods, new intermediate goods, services, and construction contracts, carried out in the pre-productive stage.

Remittance of profits

Remittances abroad are not tax-affected (unless they are dividends).

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