Efficiency and Accuracy with Global Time and Attendance Systems

We offer time and attendance tools to help you manage the hours your employees work more accurately and efficiently, allowing you to control and reduce labor, costs, and compliance risks. Our time and attendance solutions dramatically improve the productivity, accuracy, and reliability of your payroll process.

Integration of time-tracking with payroll software makes for improved efficiency and accuracy

Our time and attendance solutions can be tailored to meet your company’s needs featuring:


Employees have a simple way to clock time providing reliable measured time


Vacation tracking
and payment

Employees can virtually and conveniently submit vacation and payment details

Direct import
to payroll

Employee hours are automatically entered into the payroll system

View time tracking reports that allow you to keep an eye on your staff’s efficiency

Our time and attendance solutions are online, with no software to install, and you can simply view, edit, and run reports straight through your web browser.  The time clocks offer efficient and accurate timekeeping, and the web-based server automatically collects, calculates, processes, and produces reporting with ease.

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Seeking a way to make time
and attendance more turn-key?

H&CO's solutions save you time by making your employees more accountable with accurate and easy time and attendance solutions.

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