HR Consulting Services

The recruitment and hiring process can be daunting, stressful and if not properly executed, very costly. At H&CO we understand the complexities associated with human resource management, its laws, regulations, and compliance processes. Our HR consultants can guide you on all aspects of employee management, hiring best practices, and the transition process for new employees.

Always ensuring your human capital serves your company's best interests

We offer comprehensive and sustainable solutions for all your questions
along the entire human resources value chain.

Comprehensive solution

Thoughtful solutions that respond to the challenges of your people and processes


Recruitment services

Whether you're looking to hire an IT advisor or a finance manager, we are ready to start the search

Guaranteed expertise

Thanks to extensive experience in holistic and interdisciplinary HR projects, we're a skilled provider of HR solutions
celebrating new job

Transform your workforce through our reliable hiring solution

Some of our HR consulting services include:

  • Human resources and assessment management
  • Guidance on the hiring and termination of employees
  • Compliance with FMLA, Department of Labor, and Anti-Discrimination Laws

  • Job description development
  • Employee handbooks
  • Policies and procedures
  • Compensation programs
  • Performance management

Searching for quality talent to join your team and move your business forward?

If you need help putting a hiring plan together, or need assistance with hiring new talent, we can help.

Find your next career at H&CO...


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